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Babu Lisa is one of Naoko's school mates.


Babu Lisa is a baby with medium length auburn colored hair and beady black eyes. She dresses in a one-piece baby outfit and is always seen with a yellow binky in her mouth. Babu Lisa puts her binky on her head when eating or drinking. The “sweet” Babu Lisa had cute sparkly eyes and the “naughty” Babu Lisa had mean-looking eyes.

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Babu Lisa is a snarky and mischievous baby. She is often obsessed with money and the stock market. In episode 16, ("Picnic") she became upset when she discovered she did not have cellular service, stating she could lose millions on the stock market. In Gau-Croquette, she throws a fit about not having croquettes immediately, resulting in Toshio giving her and Halley croquettes from a previous batch instead of frying them fresh. She also has a online video channel called Babu Channel with over 10,000 subscribers. She burst into tears in the episode Get Angry Gauko because there was not any non-frozen food and no way to get out of the walk-in freezer. When she fell into a pond the Pond Goddess brought two other Babu Lisas. The “sweet” Babu Lisa was nice and cared about Naoko and Halley and the “naughty” Babu Lisa was ruder and more mischievous than regular Babu Lisa. She also loves investing the stock market and she likes that people to subscribe to the online YouTube channel called Babu Channel.


  • In the Japanese audio, she says "Babu" after every single sentence, but her manner of speaking was not done in the English and Spanish dubs. Many presume her to be a baby but her real age is currently unknown.