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Bibilian is a recurring character in Dino Girl Gauko. He first appears in Fateful Encounter? and casually appears in other episodes from then on.


Bibilian is a pink octopus like alien, with two broken antennae with red orbs at the end and black eyes. He wears a blue shirt with a bright orange B that changes at certain times.


Bibilan is a very lazy alien who normally slacks off when he's supposed to be focusing on his #1 mission, taking over planet earth. He gets distracted by a number of things, such as giant isopods or Naoko Watanabe, who he claims to be the most beautiful girl he's met. He usually performs drastic actions to grab Naoko's attention, such as attempting to build a "disco tower" or try to bring Naoko back to his home planet. He's typically the cause of Naoko's anger, as he normally gets thrown away by Gauko most or all of the time.