Fateful Encounter is the 2nd episode of Dino Girl Gauko.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

After her snit as Gauko at school, Naoko hangs out with her two new friends Kana and Erika afterschool. They take her to the Matsui Meat Shop where she encounters Toshio the man of her dreams. This fateful encounter, however, is disturbed by an alien who becomes infatuated with Naoko. The entire encounter escalates to a fuse to a bomb capable of destroying the world is lit. A comedic, pass the bomb all across town occurs, passing back and Naoko staying as Gauko the entire time. and finally the bomb is put out after Gauko digests it. The dinosaur in a livid rage deals with the aliens responsible and when she transforms back into Naoko the people of the town celebrate her endeavor.

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