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Gauko is Naoko Watanabe's alter-ego who appears when she gets angry enough.


Gauko has multiple similarities to Naoko, she has very few differences from her. She has green skin and a short tail with a big nose. She doesn't wear shoes unlike Naoko. In the original form, her skin is light with rosy cheeks. She wears a pale yellow shirt with a white collar, and a red skirt. She also wears white socks and blue shoes.


Gauko is always angry and very tempered but sometimes she feels scared or happy or sad. She shows these feelings in "Fateful Encounter, Final weapon Robo and Stuck as Gauko".


Super Durability - Gauko seems to have super durability due to the fact that she swallowed a world destroying bomb with the slightest bit of damage and she fell from an incredibly high distance and crashed into a building on the way down without a scratch.

Fire Breath - Gauko’s fire breath has been introduced in many episodes. Judging from people’s faces after they have been through Gauko’s fire breath it must have an incredible amount of heat. It is hotter than any hot stuff. the sun, the lava, hot sauce, peppers, you name it.

Super strength - Gauko has incredible strength.She has thrown people miles away when she gets angry at them or just because of her being naturally angry as Gauko. She has brought down buildings and stomped people flat with just one stomp or punch and she has taken robots down, including Mecha Gauko and Robo-Toshio.

Growth - Gauko has grown to incredibly large sizes when she gets angry enough, even to the size of Naoko's school (see Episode 17 Mecha Gauko).

Smell - Gauko has great sense of smell as seen in dinosaur police

Power Enhancement - When Gauko gets angry enough they become noticeably stronger and they grow. This is based on their anger.


  • One of her attacks, The "Gauko Punch", resembles the "Dragon Fist" Attack from the hit Anime franchise "Dragon Ball"
  • In the thing in ”Mom’s Birthday” showing Naoko and Bibilian, Naoko turns into Gauko with shoes on. This is probably a mistake since Gauko usually doesn’t have shoes.