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Naoko Watanabe is the main protagonist of the children's comedy anime Dino Girl Gauko. She's a 10-year-old fifth-grader preteen with the ability of transforming into Gauko, a fire-breathing dinosaur girl when she gets too angry.


Naoko has bottom curly brown hair and black eyes. She dresses in a plain yellow dress top with a white collar and a pink skirt. In episode 1, she wears a sailor suit, which was the uniform that Naoko wore to her old school.


Naoko is normally a bubbly, shy, and secretive girl, however, when she becomes angry she transforms into Gauko. Her main interests are Toshio, nature & poetry.

Likes & Dislikes[]


  • Anything
  • Toshio
  • Making croquettes with her crush
  • Her mom’s food
  • Her dad’s cooking
  • Poetry


  • Seeing bad things
  • Bibilian
  • Becoming Gauko whenever she gets angry
  • Saito
  • The bullies


  • Naoko has a crush on Toshio.
  • Biblian has a crush on Naoko, though he may seem over-obsessive of her.
  • Naoko's best friends are Erika & Kana